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We are proud to have so many qualified AKC / UKC judges in our club.

Dan Mata, earthdog (all levels) field trials  #90388 / Barn Hunt
Christina Pile, earthdog, Intro and JE, #94471
Martina Leahy, earthdog, (all levels), field trials, #94911
Penny Whithorn, earthdog, Intro, JE and SE, #4915
Laura Stutts: earthdog (all levels), field trials, #96464
Claire Mancha, earthdog (all levels) field trials
        AKC dachshund conformation #56114,
        UKC Conformation #7099
Wendy Snyder, earthdog Intro, field trials, CGC, Farm Dog, #30049
Jen Milo, earthdog (all levels), field trials  #56115
Laura Bolin, field trials #99732
Robbie Courts, field trials #99729
Mike Courts, field trials #99728
Rob Couch, earthdog Intro, field trials  #77779
Jacque McCormick, earthdog, Intro and JE, #98480
Michelle Kutzler, earthdog, field trials  #98479
Shane Milburn, earthdog, Intro #100949
Greg Gray, earthdog, Intro #100969
Lisa West-Ownby, earthdog, Intro  #100947    
Kyle Wallis, field trials #103579               

One of our club's goals is to help interested parties
to become qualified AKC judges. If you are interested in
judging or apprenticing for/with us, please contact us at info@dfsw.org