Dachshund Fanciers of Southwestern Washington
A Performance Dachshund Club Member Judges

We are proud to have so many qualified AKC / UKC judges in our club.

Dan Mata, earthdog  AKC #90388: earthdog, field trials / Barn Hunt
Christina Pile, AKC #94471: earthdog / field trials
Martina Leahy, AKC #94911: earthdog / field trials
Mike Courts, AKC # 99728, field trials
Robbie Courts, AKC # 99729, field trials

Penny Whithorn, AKC #94915: earthdog
Laura Stutts: AKC #96464: earthdog and field trials
Claire Mancha,  AKC #56114: earthdog / field trials / AKC dachshund conformation. Conf. #7099 AB + TFT, APBT and AE, IABCA.
Kelly Ford: AKC #99738: field trials
Rob Couch, AKC #77779: earthdog / field trials
Jacque McCormick, AKC #98480: earthdog
Wendy Snyder: AKC # 30049, CGC tester, earthdog / field trials.

One of our club's goals is to help interested parties to become qualified AKC judges. If you are interested in judging or apprenticing for/with us, please contact us at info@dfsw.org


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